Retrocrush is a brand new app that came out on March 30th, 2020.

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So it’s pretty new at this point and they are constantly adding new anime to this platform.
There are so many great anime to watch on this platform.
My goal today is to discuss 9 gems on this platform that you should watch.
Like other lists, I can only recommend what I know so, thus, I am only discussing anime that I have seen or have intimate knowledge of.
Let’s Begin.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 9 Wicked City

Makie talking with Takie

Makie talking with Takie. Akira at 17 minutes 36 seconds

What is Wicked City?

Wicked City is not for the faint of heart as a couple of entries on this list.
In a world where the demon world and the human world are in conflict one member from each group must defend an important diplomat.
The lucky people are Makie and Takie
This diplomat is important because he is needed to sign a pact between the two sides.
But not all demons want this and many will even oppose this through the means of violence.

Why Watch Wicked City?

This anime has it all
  • romance,
  • gore,
  • sex,
  • monsters,
  • magic,
  • and all other kinds of stuff.

It’s not for everyone but for those who love this stuff it will entertain you for sure.

Warning it does has tentacle rape and rape scenes.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 8 Jin Roh

Kazuki Fuse wearing his combat armor

Kazuki Fuse wearing his combat armor. Jin Roh at 1 hour 23 minutes 48 seconds.

© 1999 Mamoru Oshii/ Bandai Visual Production I.G English Adaptation © 2001 Bandai Entertainment / Viz Communications

What is Jin-Roh?

Kazuki works for an anti-terrorist force special unit.
During one of their missions, he can’t pull the trigger and kill a girl who was carrying explosives.
She ends up killing herself and Kazuki is forced to undergo retraining.
He meets the girl’s sister and they develop a relationship together during his retaining.

Why Watch Jin-Roh?

The movie deals with the conflict of duty vs relationships.
There are great metaphors in the film to look out for including the one with wolves and sheep.
The ending is amazing and mind-blowing.
Also, the designs for the units are cool it reminds me ofKillzone (although Jin Roh came out first).

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 7 Jungle Emperor Leo

Leo and Lune together

Leo and Lune together. Jungle Emperor Leo at 32 minutes and 52 seconds

Leo and Lune together. Jungle Emperor Leo at 32 minutes and 52 seconds

What is Jungle Emperor Leo?

And now for something a little less tense and more family-oriented.
Our story involves King Leo who constantly has preached peace with the humans despite other animals, not agreeing.
He has two children Lune and Lukio.
Part of the movie is about Luneaccidentally going off on his own adventure.
The other conflicts are:
  • a virus infects the animals and only one human can save them
  • Ham Egg wants to collect rare stones to help humanity in their energy crisis while hurting the animals in his way.

Why Watch Jungle Emperor Leo?

This is a cute story with surprising emotional moments.
A movie for all ages with a great story and characters.
This is the famous anime that people claim that Disney copied with Lion King.
Well give a watch yourself and be the judge.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 6 Otaku No Video

Tons of Otakus together

Tons of Otakus together. Otaku No Video at 2 minutes 43seconds.

Presented by Toshiba Video Soft, Inc.

Tons of Otakus together. Otaku No Video at 2 minutes 43seconds.

Presented by Toshiba Video Soft, Inc.

What is Otaku No Video?

  • His and Her Circumstances,
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Gunbuster,

Gainax created this gem of a movie.

The movie is about Otaku culture and how Gainax was founded.

Why Watch Otaku No Video?

It contains references that only Otakus would know about.
If you are an Otaku then you will find this movie to be hilarious and very entertaining.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 5 Robot Carnival

Nightmare by Takashi Nakamura

Nightmare by Takashi Nakamura. Robot Carnival at 1 hour 14 minutes and 5 seconds.

© 1990 A.P.P.P. Co. Ltd All Rights Reserved

Nightmare by Takashi Nakamura. Robot Carnival at 1 hour 14 minutes and 5 seconds.

© 1990 A.P.P.P. Co. Ltd All Rights Reserved

What is Robot Carnival?

Robot Carnival is an anthology meaning it’s a movie composed of short stories instead of one main story more commonly seen in films.
Also, none of the short stories are connected in the plot but rather with the theme.
That theme is that each one is about robots.
There are nine short films including the Opening and Ending.
I am not going to cover each one as this is a quick list but each one is different and was created by a big name directory.
For example, the creator of Nightmare Takashi Nakamura worked on Akira.

Why Watch Robot Carnival?

The short stories are unique and came out good considering there was no direction given for these directors other than the theme.
Not all of them work but the ones that do are amazing and definitely worth your time.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 4 Ad Police

Billy from The Man Who Bites His Tongue

Billy from The Man Who Bites His Tongue. Ad Police Files Episod3 at 13 minutes and 23 seconds.

What is Ad Police?

Ad Police are side stories that take place in the Bubblegum Crisis universe.
The characters are the same but there is no ongoing plot rather each episode is a self-contained story.
The main theme in the episodes is Boomers (not the generation) which are artificial humans.
Many humans are getting their organic parts replaced by cybernetics which blurs the lines between synthetics and organics.

Why Watch Ad Police?

The episodes are interesting and surprising still relevant today.
If you want some good classic anime with great action Ad Police will not disappoint.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 3 Angel Cop

Our Introduction to Angel

Our Introduction to Angel. Angel Cop Episode 1 at 10 minutes 17 seconds.

What is Angel Cop?

Angel is a cop (hence the title) who is part of a special unit that hunts terrorism.
This unit is unique as it can use whatever force is required to get the job done.
The enemy is psychics who are working with terrorists to destroy Japan. The psychics first only go after criminals but eventuallyare ordered to take on Angel’s unit.
At least that’s how I understand it, to be honest, the plot of the anime confuses me
There are two versions of this anime dubbed and subbed and the story was changed in the dubbed version so it’s worth watching it twice in both versions.

Why Watch Angel Cop?

The dubbed version is amazing with awful English acting.
The gore is everywhere and the psychic themes are cool.
It’s animation still holds up pretty well for early 90’s cheese.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 2 Fushigi Yuugi

Tamahome with an intense stare.

Tamahome with an intense stare. Fushigi Yuugi Episode 18 at 3 minutes 12 seconds

© 1995 Studio Pierrot

What is Fushigi Yuugi?

Miaka and Yui are transported into the world of the book called the “Universe of the Four Gods”.

In the world, Miaka learns that she is the princess of Suzaku and must gather all the Suzaku seven to grant one of her wishes.

Why Watch Fushigi Yuugi

This is a great Isekai anime with a great diverse cast of characters.
You will like that this anime deals with difficult topics such as transgender legitimacy and rape.
It balances the serious and comedic moments.
It’s one of the best romance animes ever made.

Hidden Gem on Retrocrush # 1 12 kingdoms

Youko and Keiki.

Youko and Keiki. 12 Kingdoms Episode 20 at 19 minutes 43 seconds

© 2003 Studio Pierrot

What is 12 Kingdoms?

Youko a high school who wants to live a normal life meets this man named Keiki who tells her that she is his master.
He continues on that she needs to serve the throne of Kei.
Youma attack her and Keiki and they end up traveling to another world.
Unfortunately, they do not go alone and two of Youko’s classmates get sucked in with them.
When they arrive Youko and her friends are together but Keiki is nowhere to be found.
The three will have to work together or they will perish.

Why Watch 12 Kingdoms?

This is a great Isekai anime with one of the most interesting fictional worlds in any anime.
Youka is a great character and goes through really good and authentic growth.
The main anime is composed of several smaller stories that all lead to one main point.
It’s a great journey that is worth embarking on.
The world and its intricacies will absorb you.

Final thoughts

Really all the anime on Retrocrush are hidden gems because most classic anime produced was not available in the way that modern anime is today.
But that has changed with this app’s release. So if you ever wanted to experience classic anime now is the best time.
What is your favorite anime on Retrocrush?
What classics anime do you want Retorcrush to get next?
If you like this article please share it this helps me know what is popular and what people want.
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Thanks so much for reading and have a great day

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