14 05, 2021

15 of My Favorite C.C. Quotes That Created Amazing Moments in Code Geass

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Here are my favorite 15 C.C.'s quotes. that helped to create memorable moments in the series. C.C. shows her lifetimes of experiences in these quotes.

7 05, 2021

These are the Top 15 Kallen Kozuki Quotes that Represent the Essence of her Character

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This will be my first article on the favorite quotes from different characters in Code Geass. I am going to kick this party off with Kallen Kozuki quotes.

7 05, 2021

Code Geass’s Very Own Shonen Adventure Renya of Darkness Review

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Most are familiar or at least have heard of Akito the Exiled and Oz of the Reflection. Today's topic is Code Geass's Manga series Renya of Darkness.

25 02, 2021

Ten Amazing Quick Facts on Shirley Fenette That You Might Have Not Known

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Shirley Fenette is an important character in Code Geass but does not get enough attention. So, today I wanted to discuss ten facts on Shirley's character.

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