If you are looking to watch anime legally in 2021 then you picked a great time. Never before have there been so many ways to watch anime. It’s crazy to think there was a time where pirating anime was the best way to watch it. Luckily for you, anime is right at your fingertips.
The issue now is well which service is the best for watching anime. Well, I go through all the best options and give you my thoughts at the end.
This list goes through the obvious choices and other ways you may have forgotten about. With that in mind let’s get started.

Important Update:

I have been doing research into the copyright situation involving anime reaction channels.
  • I learned that it’s illegal for an unlicensed YouTube channel to upload an entire anime.
  • Doing this steals money from those who worked on the project.
  • Because of this revelation, I am no longer promoting YouTube as a viable website to watch anime.
  • There are plenty of other legal sites that have free anime to watch.
  • Please support those sites and only watch anime on officially licensed YouTube Channels.