February 2021 did have as many new anime released as of January but more streaming services released new stuff by comparison. Even though my anime streaming guide gives you a list of the anime available on select services, it becomes outdated after a month.

I of course update the guide every couple of months. But, between each update, I will bring you an article going through all the anime released for that month.

The format will be the same as always each anime will have the following:

Name, sub, dub, or both, is it exclusive? and how much do you need to watch with a subscription?

For how much do you need to watch with a subscription:

  • Subscription Required means, the entire series requires one,
  • Subscription required to watch Part of the Anime means, only part of the anime requires a subscription
  • Subscription required to watch Half of the Anime means, half the episodes require a subscription this is usually a language thing where either English Dub or English Sub is blocked by a paywall.

If you want a review of all of the sites to watch anime click here

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