The door to other animes had opened through watching Bleach

Quick question what was the first anime that you watched that turned you into a fan?

Think about it as I talk about some that were mine.

I am proud to be one of many individuals whose life has been positively affected by anime. The great stories and epic spectacles are why anime still impacts people every day. I have been lucky that Anime continues to remain relevant in my life regardless of what stage I am at. Each show provides new perspectives and ideas on something that I am going through at the time.

As a child, I wanted stories of good defeating evil.

Now as an adult I am more interested in learning about the world and what it means to be alive.

From childhood to now I have watched over 170 animes with over 300 anime on my watchlist. Suffice to say I am going to be busy for a while.

This is all thanks to an anime about a boy with orange hair whose name means strawberry

I am of course referring to Bleach.

Bleach was the first mainstream anime that I watched from beginning to end. Well the current end, because the last arc in the manga has not been animated.

Update the last arc of Bleach is Finally going to be animated, I am excited about this. Now to be clear Bleach was not the first anime that I watched or the first of its genre.