Get the Run Down # 5 Eureka Seven

The Nirvash type Zero Spec 2

This is one of the best moments in the series. The Nirvash type Zero Spec 2 Eureka Seven Episode 32 at 16min 58 seconds.

EUREKA SEVEN – © 2005 – 2006 Bones/ Bandai

Anime Details

  • Number of episodes: 50 with 24 mins per episode

  • Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Mecha, Psychological

  • Hidden Gem, Popular, or Lesser-Known: Popular

  • Dubbed or Subbed: Both versions are available. The Japanse Voice acting is superior in my opinion.

  • Modern or Classic: This anime came out before 2010 so I consider it to be a classic.

  • Aired: April 17, 2005 to April 2, 2006

  • Production Information:

    • Directed by Kyouda, Tomoki He is famous for his contributions in: Halo Legends, Full Metal Panic!, RahXephon, Darker than Black, and Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Created by Bones which is famous for: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mob Psycho, My Hero Academia, Ouran Koukou Host Club, Wolf’s Rain, Snow White with Red Hair, RahXephon
  • Where You Can Watch: Funimation

Major Themes






Lonliness| Conspiracy | Love | Helplessness| Ignorance

How many Mecha anime has ever been created?

According to the 1082.

As a life long anime fan, I guarantee that out of 1082 Mecha anime you have not seen one quite like Eureka Seven.

It’s incredible how it takes elements from anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion without being an obvious copycat.

My goal is simple I am going to talk about Eureka Seven so you have enough information to decide if it’s is worth watching.

Renton Thurston is a fan of Holland the leader of the Gekkostate.

He is a mechanic thanks to the training of his grandfather and dreams of lifting which is surfing in the air on the trapar waves.

One day an LFO (the mechs in this anime) drops on his house and Renton meets Eureka the pilot of the LFO and a member of the Gekkostate. Eventually, Renton joins the Gekkostate under Holland his idol. He joins the mercenaries on their many jobs.

These initial jobs seem mundane but eventually, a grander scheme is revealed. It will take the combined forces of the Gekkostate to take down a government conspiracy that threatens the whole world.

I was blown away by this anime and pleasantly surprised. There so many powerful emotional moments that really impacted me.

This anime follows the Gekkostate’s crew and their growth which develops so beautifully in each episode.

The concept behind the LFOs which are the mechs in this anime is a breath of fresh air. Without giving too much away they are more than machines containing organic elements.

From episode 30 to 50 the anime really picks up and gets closer to the ultimate conclusion. Which is excellent and definitely rewards you the viewer for sticking through all 50 episodes.

The anime subtly incorporates it’s constant references to music and other interesting ideas in the story.

Not all of Eureka Seven is perfect though.

This is not something exclusive to Eureka Seven but this anime will reference an event that occurred a while ago without a flashback.

So, many times I have to look up stuff because I forgot who or what that thing was.

Some have criticized the show for starting slow and lacking direction and there is some truth to that.

I was able to look past it but I can understand if many people cannot.

If Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of your favorite mecha anime you will like this anime a lot.

For everyone else this a great mecha anime to watch if the current mecha animes are too stale and unoriginal for you.

Common Answers to Important Questions about this Anime

Several characters have similar art styles to that of Osamu Tezuka including Morita and Diane Thurston.

The overall art style is unique and I can’t say that I have seen something quite like it.

The standout is the LFOs animation, style, and making a mech surfing not look completely ridiculous.

This anime has your standard air to air and ground mech action that you come to expect in a mecha anime.

Where Eureka Seven differs is in the air to air combat. Rember that these LFOs are lifting in the air on surfboards so the style of fighting is completely different in the air.

Instead of your mechs battle here the LFOs are fighting while balancing as a surfer would.

Code Geass shares the same kind of action in Eureka Seven.

This is a romance anime with three relationships that develop throughout the series.
Besides Talho’s attire, there is little to no fan service in this anime.
Much of the key moments in this anime happen through exposition.
You cannot watch this anime as background noise it requires your full attention.

Initially, this anime starts off simple but quickly becomes quite complex.

As I mentioned earlier there were times that required me to look up stuff.

Also, certain aspects of the plot I felt were not properly explained so expect to be confused at some points.

Like the dialogue you need to full invested when watching this anime.

Absolutely but not for a while since Eureka Seven was both long and emotionally draining.

This anime started off slow for me but picked up quickly including the last 20 episodes that were incredible. I have no regrets in investing my time in these series.
Gekkostate's LFOs

Gekkostate’s LFOs. Eureka Seven Episode 35 at 2min 26 seconds.

EUREKA SEVEN – © 2005 – 2006 Bones/ Bandai

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