Bleach is one of my favorite animes of all time.

Despite the anime and manga ending several years ago, it still relevant today.

The return of the show may yet be upon us.

Today’s topic is my ranking of Vizards from worse to the best.

Vizards are a group of soul reapers, who were Hollowfied as the result of an experiment by Sosuke Aizen.

Aizen framed Kisuke Urahara for committing this crime, which led to his capture and trial.

While the Soul Society was sentencing Kisuke, Yoruichi rescues him. Kisuke, Yoruichi, Tessai, and the experimented Soul Reapers go into exile.

The Vizards only came out of hiding because they wanted to recruit Ichigo in their ranks.

Ichigo had an ulterior motive as well, which was to learn the Vizards’ secret of taming the inner hollow.

 A diverse group of former Captains and Lieutenants make up the Vizards.

One member was even a former member of the Kiddo corps. Ichigo unofficially joined this group after he learned how to tame his inner hollow.

Some sites consider Kaname Tosen a vizard because he hollowfied.

Now that you know some basic information about the Vizards, the ranking can begin. My goal is to discuss and present my perspective of this group. This list will only contain information and analysis based on the anime and not the manga. Ichigo and Tosen will not be included on the list. Spolier Warnings.

Number 8 Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi also known as Rose

Rose watching Ichigo fight shinji

Character Description

Rose is the former Captain of Squad Three and regains that position at the end of the show.

First appeared in Bleach episode 122.

He is a tall man with blond hair who wears a suit with cuffs and an untucked collar. He is best described as eccentric and a lover of art. He is very cocky and lazy. Rose has the best fashion sense of all the vizards.

His accomplishments and Abilities

Rose participates in two key battles during the “Downfall of the Arrancar arc”.

The first is the battle against Espada number 1 Stark and the second is against Aizen.

He also provides moral support while Ichigo is training to control his hollow powers.

Rose, joined the captains and lieutenants to fight the hollowfied Mashiro and Kensai.

Rose can hollowify like all the vizards with a duration of three mins.

His Zanpakuto name is Apreggio.

Without using a sword Rose was able to destroy a Gillian which is the first level of the Menos class of Hollows.

His sword has a wire that can wrap around enemies that ultimately crush them.

When he fully releases his sword, it takes the form of a whip with a flower bud at the end.

The whip can attack many foes at one time from varying distances.

Rose using his Zanpakuto

Why he is Ranked Eighth

Things that annoy me about Rose

I dislike Rose the most of all the other Vizards.

I mentioned he fought in many battles what I forgot to mention is that he lost in all of them.

Even against stark, he was taking a beating before Start started to use his wolves.

His mannerisms are annoying especially his obsession over art.

His Zanpakuto is forgettable and for a captain, I was not impressed with his power.

Things I liked about Rose

Rose has a cool hollow mask that resembles the mask worn by medieval plague doctors.

His best moment is when he destroys the Gillian with a fraction of his power.

Rose is my least favorite of the vizards which is why he ranks last.

Rose's hollow mask

Number 7 Mashiro Kuna

Mashiro throwing a tantrum

Character Description

Mashiro is childish and throws the most cringe-worthy temper tantrums.

She is the former lieutenant of Squad Nine. She prefers to fight with her fists and feet.

She first appeared in episode 122.

Her appearance includes a white full-body suit with orange boots and goggles on her head that has green hair.

Mashiro acts like a power ranger in both appearance and fighting style.

For example, she has names for her attacks that start with her first name.

Her accomplishments and Abilities

Mashiro was among the first of her group to hollowify.

She was able to take down the Hooler hollow. For context the Hooler was capable of blowing away Ryujin Jakka’s flames which belongs to head captain Yamamoto the strongest Soul Reaper. It also could throw up Gillians level Menos at will.

She discovered the missing Gotei 13 squad uniforms during the investigation occurring during the “Turn back the Time Pendulum” arc.

Mashiro was able to fight Wonderweiss for a considerable amount of time. Wonderweiss was able to take down Jushrio the captain of Squad 13 with one hand and made Yamamoto work to kill him.

Mashiro only uses her  hands and powerful kicks despite having a Zanpakuto.

She claims to be able to hollowify for 15 straight hours.

While hollowfied she can fire Ceros and perform crazy leaps and attacks.

Mashiro kicking the Hooler

Why she is Ranked Seventh

The problem with Mashiro is that her antics are hard to watch.

Every time she is on screen it is too cringe-worthy.

I feel embarrassed to be an anime fan if someone were to walk in on a scene with her.

She always bickers with Kensei and it is not funny or cute it is annoying.

I understand what they were going for but it was awful.

Things I liked about Mashiro

She has a cool appearance and I enjoy her fighting style.

It was cool how she dominated the Gillians with her kicks.

If she was not so annoying outside of combat, I would have ranked her higher.

Mashiro smashing Gillians

Number 6 Kensai Muguruma

Kensei watching Ichigo fight

Character Description

He is the former Captain of Squad Nine and reclaims that title at the end of Bleach anime.

He is best known for his “69” tattoo around his chest.

This is ironic because 69 is a common symbol for a sex position. In Bleach, it has a completely different meaning.

The 6 is the kanji of his last name and the 9 is for squad 9.

He first appeared in episode 122.

Kensei is a tall muscular man with white hair.

He wears combat equipment including military boots and a tank top.

He reminds me of Bayman from the Dead or Alive series.

His accomplishments and Abilities

Kensei saved shuhei Hisagi from a hollow.

He saved Mashiro in her fight against Wonderweiss

Kensei’s Zanpakuto is a small dagger called Tachikaze.

Despite its size, it is quite lethal as it can create blades of wind that can dice hollows with ease it also allows him to fire enery blasts.

Kensei can hollowify for three mins and while in that state he can become quite lethal with his fists.

Kensei's Bankai

Why he is Ranked Sixth

Things that annoy me about Kensei

Kensei’s win/loss record is terrible.

Tosen defeated him when he was below the rank of lieutenant during the flashback.

His Bankai was ineffective against Wonderweiss, plus Kensei never even gets to fights Aizen.

I am very neutral on Kensei, the issue for me is that Kensei is very boring.

His only two emotions are an intense fighter or irritable captain.

For a man with large muscles, he seems a lot weaker than his fellow Vizards.

Things I liked about Kensei

My favorite moment is when he steps in to fight Ichigo during the training to control Ichigo’s hollow.

Kensei has a very cool appearance but lacks in every other aspect.

I wish Tite spent the same more time with Kensei’s character traits other than his appearance.

Kensei umping in to fight Ichigo

Number 5 Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori during the flash back

Character Description

She is the former lieutenant of Squad 12 which has the department of research and development squad.

Hiyori served under Captain Kisuke Urahara and Kirio Hikifune

Her first apperance was in episode 112 but there are scenes where Shinji is talking to her on the phone before that.

Hiyori is short around 4 feet 4 inches and has blonde hair. Due to her physical appearance with her mouth, Shinji gave her the nickname of snaggle tooth. She also has freckles and wears a red jumpsuit.

Her accomplishments and Abilities

Hiyori was responsible for the idea of recruiting Ichigo to the Vizards.

Ichigo trained with Hiyori to increase the time he could use his hollow mask.

She helps Toshiro and Lisa fight against Espada number 3 Harribel.

Hiyori’s Zanpakuto name is Kubikiri Orochi, which has the appearance of a large Buzzsaw.

Its powers are never revealed. Hiyori is an excellent sword fighter, she shows this during Ichigo’s training and when fighting Harribel.

Using the hollow mask increases her powers exponentially. While using it she can fire powerful Ceros that are able to destroy many Gillians at a time. She also demonstrates the most control of her inner hollow by being able to summon the mask without putting it on.

Lisa and Hiyori fighting

Why she is ranked fifth

Hiyori’s unique trait is also her most divisive which is her aggressiveness.

Hiyori tends to insult and attack people that are close to her.

She especially does this to Shinji and Kisuke.

The problem is that this can sometimes get out of hand and it is flat out annoying.

I understand that is how she is but its overdone.

She treated Kisuke like crap because she liked her old captain better.

When it comes down to it, she is not that bad and I argue that her attitude is a ruse, it’s a way to hide her feelings.

I do like Hiyori but she needs to tone down the aggressiveness.

This is like Mahiro’s antics as it also cringe-worthy.

My favorite moment is when she mocks Kisukue during the flashback it was so funny.

Hiyori is a great vizard and you know she “likes” you if she insults and attacks you.

Hiyori mocking Kiskue

Number 4 Hachigen Ushōda

Hachi during his time in the kido corps

Character Description

Hachi is the former lieutenant of the Kido corps serving under Tessai.

His two main traits are being kind and being very profound with his words.

He first appeared in episode 122.

Hachi is over 8 feet tall and weighs over 800 pounds. He wears a suit and has pink hair.

His accomplishments and Abilities

When Kensai and Mashiro both hollowfied against their will, Hachi was able to restrain both with his powerful Kido abilities.

The Vizards train in an area that Hachi protects with his forcefields which can hide Reiatsu.

Hachi healed one of Orihime’s hairpins named Tsubaki. He assisted Soifon and Marechiyo in defeating Espada number 2 Lord Baraggan. He was the only vizard to defeat any of the Espada.

Although Hachi has a Zanpakuto he prefers to only use his Kido.

Also, Hachi only uses binding spells called Bakudō and not Hado (“path of destruction” spells). This makes sense because Hachi is a passivist.

Hachi is one of the few Soul Reapers who are part of an elite group called Kido masters.

The ability to use Kido spells that are level 99th without an enchantment is only the beginning when it comes to Hachi’s powers.

Lord Baraggin was confined in a very powerful kid spell that could contain the power of Soifon’s Bankai which is a giant missile.

He has similar powers to that of Orihime’s which are his space-time barriers. He has even created Kido spells which are combinations of other spells.

The ability to create more time barriers at a faster rate is one of the abilities granted by using his inner hollow.

Hachi putting up time space barriers

Why he is Ranked Fourth

Hachi is one of my favorite characters in Bleach.

There are few that can use Kido in the way he can.

For someone who does not use traditional weapons, Hachi is quite effective in combat. He defeated Espada’s Number 2 mostly on his own.

My favorite moment with Hachi is when he sacrificed his arm to kill Lord Baraggon.

Hachi ranks in the top four Vizards because of his power and impact on the plot.

Hachi using removing his hand

Number 3: Rabu Aikawa

Love fighting kensei

Character Description

Rabu Aikawa or as everyone else calls him Love was the former captain of Squad Seven.

He is best known for his laid-back attitude and his intensity when he fights.

Love wears a green jumpsuit and black sunglasses.

He first appeared in episode 122.

Love has two different afros in the Bleach.

The first one was a traditional afro while the second is spikey and star-shaped.

His accomplishments and Abilities

Love distracted Kensei to give Hachi enough time to bind him with a powerful Kido spell.

He forced Stark to have to use his wolves which led to his downfall.

With comic relief, Love keeps everyone in Vizards calm and relaxed.

Love is able to use his Zanpakuto with ease and can rip a Gillian in half with his bare hands.

He has a cool Zanpakuto called Tengumaru. It takes the form of a large black Kanabo.

One of the cool parts is that even though the weapon is massive it does not weight Love down.

It has a great range and a cool technique called: Hifuki no Koduchi. Tengumaru ignites into flames then fires a large fireball at his enemies.

The explosion from that fireball is immense.

Love's hollow mask

Why he is Ranked Third

Love is very cool and I enjoy all his moments in the show.

He is very funny and super chill. My favorite moment is when he tells Stark that a hero’s handicap is why his mask only lasts for three minutes.

Love ranks high in the list for his awesome Zanpakuto, his vizard mask, and his contributions in fighting both Kensei and Stark.

Love grabbing rose from the rubble

Number 2 Lisa Yadōmaru

Lisa starring at Shunsui

Character Description

Lisa was the former lieutenant of Squad Eight under Shunsui.

She is the calmest and most collected member of the group.

She first appeared in episode 122

Lisa has the best method of not taking crap from anyone. Always willing to land a hand and enjoys reading erotic magazines. I think Shunsui’s perverted nature rubbed off on her.

She has black hair, wears glasses and a school uniform. Obviously  she is the most attractive member in the group.

Her accomplishments and Abilities

Lisa spied on the captain’s meeting during the “Turn Back the Pendulum Arc”.

She also assisted the other soul reapers in the investigation.

Lisa helped fight Ichigo’s hollow when he was training to control it.

She and Hiyori joined Toshiro in battling Harribel.

Lisa is the fastest member of the group and the best sword fighter.

Her combat style involves using both her Zanpakuto in combination with other body parts. She demonstrates this when fighting Ichigo’s hollow.

Her Zanpakuto name is Haguro Tonbo.

It’s a large staff with a blade on one end and a heavy ball on the other.

Much like Love, Lisa can move this weapon with ease despite its massive size.

Lisa’s hollowfication amplifies her abilities giving her the power to move at even faster speeds. She was able to slice Gillian hollow countless times in seconds with ease.

Lisa destorying a hollow with ease

Why she is Ranked Second

Lisa is someone who has a tough exterior but also shows genuine emotion and affection toward others.

My favorite thing about her is her relationship with Shunsui it’s too bad it never develops.

The best scene with her would have to be where Shunui revealed that she was spying on the captain meeting. It was funny and it gives great insight into Lisa’s character.

I chose Lisa at number two because I think the Vizard at the number one spot had more of an impact in the story.

Lisa spying on the meeting

Number 1 Shinji Hirako

Shinjis first apperance

Character Description

Shinji is the former captain of Squad Five and returns to that position at end of series.

Shinji is like Love and also acts goofy and dumb outside of combat but in combat, he changes to another person.

He leads the Vizards and can be ruthless but is also level-headed.

He first appeared in episode 109.

Shinji reveals his intelligence when he suspected Aizen was bad from the very beginning.

This is why Shinji appointed Aizen to be his lieutenant.

He had long blonde hair as a captain and since becoming a Vizard his hair is shorter.

Button-down shirts with ties are the main attire for Shinji, He also wears a newsboy cap.

His accomplishments and Abilities

Shinji saved both Ichigo and Rukia from Grimmjow during a fight where Ichigo’s hollow powers had not fully developed.

He helps recruit Ichigo the vizards.

Shinji assisted his fellow soul reapers in the battle against Aizen.

Grimmjow learned why Shinji is considered a sword master during their battle.

He is also quite fast and has quick senses. Despite Tosen’s best efforts to cut off, his head, Shinji avoided the blade strike with a cut above the eye.

Shinji is very intelligent and cunning which is scary considering he comes across as an idiot.

His Zonapkuto name is Sakanade which is very strange looking in its released state.

It has a circle handle which then connects to a traditional blade. The sword spins in circles creating the inverted world.

Opponents sense of direction, eyesight, injury locations, etc. are reversed making it impossible to respond to attacks.

Shinji is very powerful when he uses his inner hollow powers. He fired an enhanced cero at Grimmjow with no restraint. His speed increases to the point that he put Grimmjow on the defensive with little effort.

Shinji wearing his hollow mask

Why he is Ranked first

I enjoy Shinjis presence on-screen regardless if he is making jokes or fighting for his life.

His mask is badass. Shinji had the most screen time among the vizards.

The only thing that annoys me is that when compared to the rest of the Vizards, Shinji does not fight as much.

Shinji’s relationship with Hiyori is special because it mirrors his personality.

My favorite scene with Shinji is his whole fight with Grimmjow, it was the first time and only second opportunity we get to see Shinji fight at a high level.

Shinji ranks as the top Vizard because of how integral he was to the story and his personality.

Shinji firing a cero

Final thoughts

This list was fun to make, it always nice jumping back into the world of Bleach. After ranking the Vizards I think the next group to get ranked are the Espadas. The goal would be to rank all the major and minor groups in Bleach.

The story of the Vizards is tragic because they were experimented on and banished.

I have always wondered if the Vizards had a right to be angry at Gotei 13 for banishing them when they had no evidence to prove their innocence.

Once Aizen was discovered to be a traitor that should of been the moment that Gotei 13 should have apologized and reinstated the vizards.

I would like to see how you rank the Vizards. Comment below your rankings.

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Images taken from Episodes: 109, 122, 123, 140, 209, 210, 279, 281, 283

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