The Espada is a powerful group of Arrancar’s who serve lord Aizen in Hueco Mundo. Each one was a powerful Hollow even before becoming an Arrancar and ultimately an Espada.

I have always wondered how many were actual Vasto Lorde.

Toshiro did say that if gathering enough of them would be the end of the Soul Society.

And since it wasn’t I am guessing the actual number was not that high.

Much like the many factions in Bleach I love the diverse characters that make up this awesome group.

While some got more screen time/ development than others, collectively they are all awesome.

In today’s list, I am going to go over my favorite Espada from least to most favorite.

While I will take into account abilities, accomplishments, and overall design most of this will be subjective.

Obviously, spoilers alert.

Also, this list only contains the members during the Arrancar invasion arc so it will not include former Espadas like Nelliel

I will be basing my analysis on the anime only.

#10 Espada Number 5 Nnoitra Gilga with Despair as his aspect of death.

Nnoitra in the past. Bleah Episode 194 At 10m 44s

Nnoitra in the past. Bleah Episode 194 At 10m 44s

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