Bleach is finally set to make its anime return in 2021. I will express my thoughts on this later but today we are talking about the Fake Karakura Town Arc.

Heres the thing there are two arcs that I am going to talk about today. They are the Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura arc and Arrancar: Downfall arc. But the only the parts that take place in the Fake Karakura Town.

I am not sure if there is even an arc called The Fake Karakura Town Arc. Feel free to correct me is there is. Despite what the title might suggest I love this arc and the battles that take place in it.

To give some perspective I suffered like the majority of the fanbase by having to sit through the Zanpakuto Rebellion and Beast Swords arcs.
But I was so excited when the Fake Karakura Town Arc resumed. Everything from the opening to seeing each Epsada’s Resurrección was awesome.

Despite this there are parts that really annoyed me thus I have put them in a list form.

So, here are 8 Astonishing Reasons Why Fake Karakura Town Arc Is Really Odd.

Reason Number 8: The Bad Dialogue

Ōmaeda making a stupid observation

Ōmaeda making a stupid observation this is one of the many times in this arc where characters say some of the most idiotic statements. Bleach Episode 226 At 6m 42s

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc. TV Tokyo dentsu, Pierrot
Let’s start with the bad dialogue.
Now Bleach is not known for having thought-provoking conversations among its characters.
It does have some and even in this arc, they are much quality back and forth between the characters.
Despite this much of the dialogue is not good even for Bleach standards. So, obviously you want examples so here are some.
When Head Captain Yamamoto jumped in to save Momo, Hisagi, Kira, and Rangiku, Ōmaeda commented that even the Yamamoto would enter the front line.
Thankfully Sui Feng corrected him but pointing out that everyone came here to fight even Yamamoto.
What makes this even more mind-numbing is that earlier in this conflict Yamamoto made the first move putting Aizen, Gin, and Tosen in a fire cage.

The camera even ZOOMS on Omaeda watching this. So if he just saw Yamamoto get involved why even make this statement?

Omaeda made another dumb comment by the suggestion that Gentei Kaijo should be lifted when it already was.

I don’t even need to comment on how dumb that statement was. Omaeda could easily fill the list on his own but here are two different examples from other characters.
When Hisagi and Kira come to save Momo and Rangiku, Emilou one of Harribel’s Fraccion makes two dumb statements. She first asks who are these guys and then states later they must have come to help their friends.
Obviously she does not know these people are by name but I almost got the impression she did not even know they were Shinigami.
The other statement is so obvious. Of course, they came to help their friends and fight! What else or what other purposes would they have to come over?
The last example was when the captains were discussing who would fight Aizen.
I understand that tactics are important but the level of dialogue here was bad.
Saying things like I want to fight Aizen or can I join in this fight. Even Toshiro asked Lisa and Hiyori if they could handle Harribel so he could take on Aizen.
I could not understand why these questions/ comments were being made when everyone came to fight Aizen. That is why everyone is here.
It’s the equivalent of someone in batting lineup asking the manager if he can face the pitcher. Obviously you can face the pitcher that’s the point of you being in the lineup.
There other examples of this poor dialogue and I will point them out as they are relevant.

Reason Number 7: No One Knows Who Yamamoto Is

Harribel Commenting on how Captains could have defeated her fraccion

This is important because Harribel asks how could a captain level soul reapers defeat her fraction. But she compares Yamamoto to Toshiro which is ridiculous. How does she not understand who Yamamoto is? Bleach Episode 273 at 16m 29s

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc. TV Tokyo dentsu, Pierrot
It still baffles me how none of the Arrancars knew who Yamamoto was.
I came to this conclusion since no one acted or stated that they knew who Yamamoto was.
Here are some examples to prove my point.
1. While Yamamoto puts Aizen, Gin, and Tosen in the first prison, you can see the terrified/ surprised expression on Stark’s face. If Stark knew who Yamamoto really was would that expression have occurred?
2. No one ever refers to Yamamoto by name. Baraggan is over thousands of years old and Yamamoto is a thousand years old. Are you telling me that in all of those years they never ran into each other? Even if not directly how about indirectly through Yamamoto killing one of Baraggan’s minions. If not that’s really hard to believe.
3. Harribel states that she is not impressed with the level of a captain. She states this because she is not sure how her Fraccion could have lost to Yamamoto. There is a lot to unpack with one. Harribel is comparing Yamamoto the head captain to Toshiro a normal captain.
While not relevant to this point she witnessed Yamamoto caged Aizen, Gin, and Tosen in fire. Yet She still thinks that after that her Fraccion stood a chance.
Also, if Harribel knew who Yamamoto was and the power he possessed she would not have made that statement in the first place.
4. Emilou asked who Yamamoto was after he attacked Ayon.
Who cares if anyone knows if Yamamoto is unknown to the Arrancar right?
Why is this significant?
It’s quite simple really why did Aizen not inform the Arrancar or at least the Espada on who each Shinigami are and what their powers are?

The one advantage besides his Zanpakuto is his knowledge. Aizen knows basically everything about all the Shinigamis since he has been in the Gotei 13 for over 100 years prior to his betrayal.

All the Arrancar should have come to battle with knowledge of all the Shinigami. This goes double for Yamamoto.

It’s almost like Aizen did not want to win this thing. He had plenty of time even a slide show might have sufficed.
This is always going to be something that bothers me about this arc.

Reason Number 6: No Members of Squad 4 Joined The Shinigami to Battle

Kira Healing Rangiku's wounds

Kira used to be in Squad 4 but he is not qualified to be healing the injured. A huge oversite to not bring any members of Squad 4 by Head Captain Yamamoto. Bleach Episode 273 at 13 mins 10 secs

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc. TV Tokyo dentsu, Pierrot
There is not much to say on this one. You would think that in a battle involving Aizen with the world at stake bring medical personal would be obvious.

Well, obviously not because Yamamoto does instruct any members of Squad 4 to join the battlefield.
This is one of many examples of Yamamoto’s poor decisions in this conflict. There will be more on this list.
Yamamoto should have split up Isane and Unohana between Hueco Mundo and Fake Karakura Town. This way you have an elite medic on standby when things go wrong.

Instead, Kira and former Squad 4 member has to jump in save Momo, and Rangiku. He was not even aware that he might have to do this. Hisagi just asked him to do it. At the very least any of the captains could have asked Kira to go over his medial training so he could fight and heal people.

There was so much time to plan this whole operation but it seems like the most obvious of things were not even considered.
Eventually, Unohana comes to Fake Karakura Town but the timing was too late.

Reason Number 5: No Shinigami Die During This Conflict

Toshiro stabs Momo by mistake