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Alucard riding in a plane
Alucard riding in a plane. Hellsing Ultimate Episode 3 at 14 minutes 51 seconds. © Kouta Hirano • SHONEN GAHOSHA Co., LTD./WILD GEESE. Distributed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Anime Details

  • Number of episodes: 10 with 50 mins per episode

  • Genre: Seinen, Horror, Vampire, and Supernatural

  • Hidden Gem, Popular, or Lesser-Known: Popular

  • Dubbed or Subbed: Both versions are available. The Japanse Voice acting is superior in my opinion.

  • Modern or Classic: This anime started airing before 2010 so it’s a classic

  • Aired: February 10, 2006 to December 26, 2012

  • Production Information:

    • Directed by Tonokatsu, Hideki  He is famous for: Serial Experiment Lain, Accel World, and Genshiken
    • Created by Studio Madhouse,  Studio Satelight and Studio Graphinica who are known for: Monster, Death Note, Hunter X Hunter, No Game No life, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail (there are too many to list)
  • Where You Can Watch: Funimation

Major Themes





Man vs Monster

Conspiracy  | Immortality| Religion| Revenge | Man vs Monster

Hellsing Ultimate is a great example of an anime getting the Fullmetal Alchemist treatment. Meaning this is getting a new version made which is a more faithful adaption over the original Hellsing anime.

The anime is about Alucard the vampire hunter and member of the Hellsing Organization.

What’s that?

The Hellsing Organization is an organization based in England led by Integra dedicated to fighting supernatural creatures.

Alucard, Integra, Walter the butler for the main headquarters, and Seras Victoria a busty police girl who Alucard turns into a vampire for his own amusement and maybe also to save her.

Besides fighting supernatural beings, the Hellsing Organization has conflicts with the Catholic church and the organization known as Millennium.

Hellsing Ultimate has so many crazy characters and crazy scenarios. Instead of the plot dictating the story Hellsing’s narrative is more character-focused.

The plot is a simple anime about a supernatural being possibly a god fighting other supernatural beings. Did I mention that these fights get very gory very quickly because they do?

Now the characters are nothing but simple and have many interesting layers to them.

One common complaint about the series is that Alucard is too overpowered. The argument is having a character that can’t lose takes the fun out of the experience thus, making the fights boring to watch.

I have two responses one short and one long. First, the short one: have you ever heard of an anime called One Punch Man. It’s a story where the main character defeats all of his foes with one punch.

It’s very popular which is proof to me that an overpowered main character is not a problem.

The other thing to consider is why are you watching this? In my opinion, the only time you can complain about an anime’s issues is when you watched for the right reasons and it did not deliver.

So with Hellsing Ultimate if you are looking for a very complex plot-driven story then you might want to look somewhere else.

Here is another way to look at it. Hellsing Ultimate is like Undertaker’s wrestling matches in WWE when he was defending his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

Everybody came to watch him win, and do it in style. This is why people come to watch Hellsing. They want to see Alucard kill power foes in many gory ways.

Each episode of the series has a “boss” battle to end it and each fight is memorable and entertaining.

The story is not deep but it is present and relevant. But the characters are the are what shines the brightest here. The best moments are through the growth of these characters.

There are many downright disturbing moments in the anime but given the subject matter that should come as no surprise.

Each episode is long usually running over 40 minutes. This has been a source of criticism. I find that funny since most mainstream live-action shows have the same run time.

Keep in mind also that Hellsing Ultimate does not drag on it just keeps going from one action sequence to the next. It might be 40 mins but it never feels like it.

I think it’s obvious by now what my opinions are on this anime. It’s amazing. The people at Madhouse did an excellent job of properly-staying true to original manga to create this gory masterpiece.

Common Answers to Important Questions about this Anime

The art style is really unique, especially with character designs. I love how the eyes are really cool especially when glowing in the dark.

What’s also excellent is that Alucard has red eyes while Alexander has blue eyes. You see the controls contrast when they fight. Hellsing Ultimate pays serious attention to the eyes of all the main characters.

The blood and gore in this one were animated to perfection.

I cannot think of any anime that quite captures the art style of Hellsing Ultimate.

To say Hellsing Ultimate is a violent gorefest would be an understatement.

There are not many anime past and present that can compare to the gore in this one.

This anime has similar body horror elements shared in the old anime for the 80s and 90s including Geno-Cyber, Violence Jack, and Ninja Scroll.

Alucard’s main weapon is a gun so gunplay plays a big part of the action. It reminds me of Black Lagoon and Gungrave.

This not a romance anime but there is a romance the forms between Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte. The romance becomes plot-relevant later on in the series. It is definitely not just thrown in there for the sake of it.


This is a difficult question to answer. If your definition is having a woman also on screen with large breasts then there is a ton of fan service in this anime.

In addition, there is one sex scene in the anime and it’s not fun to watch. Seras is groped in the first episode by a vampire and the camera makes sure you are aware of it.

There are many sexualizations of basic vampire stuff including drinking blood and biting people. On more than a one occasion, Seras and Alucard lick Integra’s finger in a very raunchy way.

It’s definitely not an ecchi but there is some questionable content.

The other fan service is the violence and it’s quite a spectacle to watch. Do not watch this if very gory anime bothers you.

This anime follows the classic shoot first and ask questions later approach to the storytelling. Besides scenes where the different organizations meet to discuss things, the dialogue in this anime is simple and short.

Very basic the purpose of the series is the blood and gore, not the plot. But let me state this again the plot is still important and you should not overlook it. You could definitely watch this anime as background noise and follow it fine. But given the violence why would you?

Absolutely I come back to this one all the time.

This anime is on my top ten favorites of all time. Suffice to say I love this anime.
Seras Victoria showing some of her powers Hellsing Ultimate Episode 7at 30 m 31 seconds
Seras Victoria showing some of her powers Hellsing Ultimate Episode 7 at 30 m 31 seconds. © Kouta Hirano • SHONEN GAHOSHA Co., LTD./WILD GEESE. Distributed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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