I love how modern anime has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of anime.

Every time I think to myself that everything that could have been done has, I am proven wrong with some of these titles.

This list is some of the modern anime that will absolutely blow you away with.

Some of the entries may wow with their animations, some with the story, and others with both.

Two disclaimers:

1. I only picked from the modern anime that I watched.

So if you are wondering why is this anime not on the list?

Well, that’s the reason why.

2. The animes are in no particular order.

Let’s now begin with 8 Modern Anime That Will Blow Your Mind And Inspire You

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #8 Fate Zero 2011

Rider. Gilgamesh, and Saber Talking together.

Rider. Gilgamesh, and Saber Talking together. Fate Zero Episode 11 at 6 minutes 14 seconds

©Nitroplus/TYPE-MOON, ufotable, FZPC Licensed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

What is Fate Zero?

Fate Zero is the prequel series to Fate Stay Night.
It follows a different war for the Holy Grail using several of the classes from the Fate Stay Night series while also introduces us to new ones.
The two main rivals are Emiya and his servant Saber and Kirei who work with Gilgamesh.

Why is Fate Zero Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

It amazes that even after nine years since this anime came out its animation is still impressive.
There are anime that come out today that still cannot match the quality.
Fate Zero has some of the best-choreographed fights in all anime.
The story is great and involves many deep and fascinating conversations among the characters.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #7 Weathering With You 2019

Weathering With Your Fire Works Scene

Weathering With Your Fire Works Scene

2019 TOHO CO., LTD./CoMix Wave Films Inc./ Story inc./ KADOKAWA CORPORATION/ East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. / voque ting co,ltd./ Lawsone Entertainment Inc.

What is Weathering With You?

You thought I was going to put Your Name on here, well I was tempted to.
Weathering With You is the latest film by famous director Makoto Shinkai.
Tokyo has had ongoing rain with seemingly no end in sight.
Hodaka our main protagonist escapes home and goes to Tokyo by boat.
While there he meets up with Hina who has abilities similar to a sunshine girl.
The two create a business where they bring out the sun for their customer but there is constant mention of the consequences of using the sunshine girl’s powers

Why is Weathering With You Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

I will be saying this a lot in this article but nowhere does it hold true than with this entry on the list.
This anime has some of the best animations I have ever seen in an anime or any other animated film to date!
I do not want to spoil this film by mentioning any of them.
Even if I wanted to I could no do it justice.
You need to see this film to understand what I mean.

Mind Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #6 Attack On Titan 2013

Eren and Mikasa.

Eren and Mikasa. Attack On Titan Episode 37 at 10 minutes

©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” Production Committee. Licensed by Kodansha through Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

What is Attack On Titan?

It’s hard to talk about this anime without spoilers.
So here is the basic synopsis.
Titans which are giant monsters force humanity to live inside of the fortress.
The fortress’s only purpose is to keep the titans out.
One day the titans break into the fortress which results in a titan eating Eren Yeager’s mom.
Eren after this even joins the military and dedicates his life to defeat the titans.

Why is Attack On Titan Mind-blowing and Inspiring?

This anime will surprise you in a good way with its amazing story.
When I first watched AOT I was not impressed and thought the story had more holes than swiss cheese.
But once I learned why things happen it all becomes clear and I realized the brilliance of this anime!
I imagine this experience will probably happen to you as well.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #5 Steins Gate 2010

Okabe, Makise, and Daru all talking together.

Okabe, Makise, and Daru all talking together. Steins Gate Episode 3 at 7 minutes 54 seconds.

© 2013 5pb./Nitroplus STEINS;GATE MOVIE PROJECT Licensed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

What is Steins Gate?

Mad Scientist Okabe Rinatro and the rest of the members of The Future Gadget Laboratory work on inventions.

One of those is a microwave that sends text messages in time which then starts a whole series of time manipulation.

Why is Steins Gate Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

That is all I can say without spoiling this one.
The characters and their conflicts and resolutions are wonderful.
You generally feel for everyone and root for them to succeed.
There are several powerful emotional moments that will leave a lasting impact on you.
Time travel is confusing but explained pretty well in this series.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #4 Ping Pong The Animation 2014

Yutaka Hoshino celebrating a win.

Yutaka Hoshino celebrating a win. Ping Pong Episode 1 at 6 minutes 29 seconds

© Taiyou Matsumoto, Shogakukan/ Ping Ping The Animation Committee

What is Ping Pong The Animation?

The story revolves around two great ping pong up and coming players Makoto and Yutaka.
They both have been playing since they were children and go through different paths to become the best ping pong, players.
During this journey, they compete against strong opponents and learn from their mentors who were once great ping pong players themselves.

Why is Ping Pong The Animation Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

From the outset, this anime does not seem like anything inspiring or mind-blowing.
But here are some things to consider.
The animation is unique you will not find any anime that looks like this one.
There are really strong elements of friendship and hard work.
Also, there are tons of interesting symbolism and metaphors that deserve there own article.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #3 Free! 2013

Nagisa Swimming.

Nagisa Swimming. Free! episode 12 at 14 minutes 48 seconds.

© Ohji Kouji/Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi High School Swimming Club ES Licensed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

What is Free!?

Free is a story about five teenage swimmers
  • Rin,
  • Haruka,
  • Nagisa,
  • Makoto,
  • and Rei (all-female names).
Besides Rei, the four boys all have a past together and compete with each other in swimming competitions.
Free is a good mix of a coming of age story and a good sports drama.

Why is Free! Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

Free’s animation is nothing sort of beautiful!
The water looks authentic and the animations of each of the characters swimming are beautiful.
The situations these characters go through are relatable and their journey will inspire you.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2011

Madoka, Kyouko, and Sayaka.

Madoka, Kyouko, and Sayaka. Madoka Magica Episode 7 at 22 minutes 2 seconds

©Magica Quartet/Aniplex, Madoka Partners, MBS Licensed by Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

What is Madoka Magica?

Madoka Magica is a magical girl anime that is about a girl named Madoka.
She meets this cat called Kyuubey who tells her that he will grant her any wish if she becomes a magical girl.
This seems innocent enough but Homura stops her from making the wish because there are bad consequences for doing this.
Madoka meets other magical girls who fight witches.
She will have to decide if she stays on the sidelines or joins her fellow magical girls in this war.

Why is Madoka Magica Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

Like Ping Pong the Animation this anime has a unique animation style.
This anime will blow your mind with its impressive visuals and dark overtones.
It’s also a heartwarming story about girls who become friends and just want to help people.

Mind-Blowing and Inspiring Modern Anime #1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 2012

The stardust crusaders before they head out to Egypt.

The stardust crusaders before they head out to Egypt. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stardust Crusaders at Episode 3 at 20 minutes 54 seconds.


What is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventuresis an anime that is based on lineage as it follows different generations of Jojos.
At this point, there are six parts that are animated into five seasons.
Currently, there are 10 parts in total so if you are a fan of this one there is plenty of manga content left to animate.

Why is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Mind-Blowing and Inspiring?

The animation in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is well bizarre and impressive.
You will never see an anime quite like it.
What’s also interesting as that each part is different in both presentation and theme so you get something different each time you watch the next season.
If you are on the fence watch the openings and you will be blown away.

Final thoughts

As modern anime continues to improve the mind-blowing stuff will keep happening.
I am eager to see what the animators of today create that will impress the fans tomorrow.
Did you like the list?
Is it wrong?
Let me know in the comments.
Also what modern anime blew you away?
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