There is an old saying that goes like this there are 3 things you don’t talk about: politics, religion, and sports (some put money here instead). For anime fans, there is a fourth entry Subbed vs Dubbed.
As long as the two options have been in existence anime fans fight over this with no end in sight.
I am not taking a side in this article. The reason is there is not a huge difference to me and the whole controversy has gotten way out of hand.
So instead of adding fuel to the, I am taking a more neutral approach and will present the argument for both as objectively as possible.
By the end of this article, you will understand what English Subbed and Dubbed are, why fans choose one or the other, their downfalls and which one would be better for you.
This a big topic so let’s get into it

What is English Dubbed Anime?

Wolf's Rain EngDub

Wolf’s Rain is known for it’s great English dubbed. Wolfs Rain Episode 18 At 17m 28s

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English dub refers to an anime that has English voices instead of Japanese voice actors.
One of the great challenges of English dubbing is that the process is the opposite of how the process works for voice acting in Japan.
Normally the animators make characters animation after the voice actors record their voice. With English dubbing, the anime already exists so voice actors have to match the lip-sync of the anime. This is why many dubs appear strange this is not just an anime thing but any medium that has dubbing over the original language.
Funimation is the largest company that does English dubbing in the US. Since the early days of English dubbing, it has improved. There are even several series that are better to watch than the original Japanese voice acting. If the Japanese voice acting with subtitles exist what is the value of English Dubbing?

Why Do People Prefer English Dubbing?

Easier to multi-task while watching.

If you watch an English Subtitles anime then you have to read the subtitles all the time.
If you know a little Japanese you might be able to look away every not a then. For the vast majority, this is not the case. The need to consistently have to read the subtitles prevents you from being able to do anything else.
I often multi-task when I watch anime especially if it’s shounen series.
The English Accents are More Authentic
Many anime takes place outside of Japan. But if you watch the series subbed you could not tell the difference. Japanese voices sound the same reagardless of where the story takes place or where the character is from.
This ruins the experience for me.
For example Code Geas