May has come and gone and many anime was released in this past month. The big highlight for me is PlutoTV which added a ton of anime. Granted most of it can be found on TubiTV and Retrocrush but it’s still impressive how far this service has come. May’s overall total is the second-lowest of the year and we are almost halfway through 2021.

But like always let’s go over the anime that was released in the month of May.

I create these guides in between each update of my anime streaming list. By bringing you an article going through all the anime released for that month you are always up to date on the anime that has been released.

The format will be the same as always each anime will have the following:

Name, sub, dub, or both, is it exclusive? and how much do you need to watch with a subscription?

For how much do you need to watch with a subscription:

  • Subscription Required means, the entire series requires one,
  • Subscription required to watch Part of the Anime means, only part of the anime requires a subscription
  • Subscription required to watch Half of the Anime means, half the episodes require a subscription this is usually a language thing where either English Dub or English Sub is blocked by a paywall.

For this guide and future guide, I will be abbreviating the streaming services.

Here is the key:

Service Name Abbreviation
Vudu V
Pluto Tv PT
Midnight pulp MP
Asiancrush AC
Retrocrush RC
Prime Video PV
Hoopla H
Netflix N
Hulu Hu
HiDive Hi
Funimation F
Crunchryoll C