October was a fantastic month for Anime including the release of the second season of Demon’s Slayer, PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~, Deep Insanity: The Lost Child, KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!! Season 2, YUKI YUNA IS A HERO, Dirty Pair and Bright: Samurai Soul. If you were looking for new anime to watch this is definitely a great month to watch some awesome new shows.

The format will be the same as always each anime will have the following:

Name, sub, dub, or both, is it exclusive? and how much do you need to watch with a subscription?

For how much do you need to watch with a subscription:

  • Subscription Required means, the entire series requires one,
  • Subscription required to watch Part of the Anime means, only part of the anime requires a subscription
  • Subscription required to watch Half of the Anime means, half the episodes require a subscription this is usually a language thing where either English Dub or English Sub is blocked by a paywall.

For this guide and future guide, I will be abbreviating the streaming services.

Here is the key:

Service Name Abbreviation
Vudu V
Pluto Tv PT
Midnight pulp MP
Asiancrush AC
Retrocrush RC
Prime Video PV
Hoopla H
Netflix N
Hulu Hu
HiDive Hi
Funimation F
Crunchryoll C

If you want a review of all of the sites to watch anime click here