Happy New Year everyone this is the second year in which I will be covering all the anime released per subscription service. Usually, Crunchyroll and Funimation release a ton of anime to start the new year and this is no different. The big shows are Attack on Titan Final Season part 4 and Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc. Some have called this one of the best times to be an anime fan, which does have its merits. Outside of Funimation and Crunchyroll, PlutoTV added a ton of shows including Dirty Pair, Galaxy Angel, and the Gaiden Chapters. Retrocrush added the famous boxing anime Hajime No Ippo. Read to see what other anime was added this month.

The format will be the same as always each anime will have the following:

Name, sub, dub, or both, is it exclusive? and how much do you need to watch with a subscription?

For how much do you need to watch with a subscription:

  • Subscription Required means, the entire series requires one,
  • Subscription required to watch Part of the Anime means, only part of the anime requires a subscription
  • Subscription required to watch Half of the Anime means, half the episodes require a subscription this is usually a language thing where either English Dub or English Sub is blocked by a paywall.

For this guide and future guide, I will be abbreviating the streaming services.

Here is the key:

Service Name Abbreviation
Vudu V
Pluto Tv PT
Midnight pulp MP
Asiancrush AC
Retrocrush RC
Prime Video PV
Hoopla H
Netflix N
Hulu Hu