Do you like Lupin the Third because several of his films were released to PlutoTV this month? They’re all free by the way. The other big release was the Evangelion films on Prime TV capped off by the latest film and end to the series Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time. Many streaming services failed to release any new anime but I think these two updates make up for it. Let’s get into this month’s update of all the anime released.

The format will be the same as always each anime will have the following:

Name, sub, dub, or both, is it exclusive? and how much do you need to watch with a subscription?

For how much do you need to watch with a subscription:

  • Subscription Required means, the entire series requires one,
  • Subscription required to watch Part of the Anime means, only part of the anime requires a subscription
  • Subscription required to watch Half of the Anime means, half the episodes require a subscription this is usually a language thing where either English Dub or English Sub is blocked by a paywall.

For this guide and future guide, I will be abbreviating the streaming services.

Here is the key:

Service Name Abbreviation
Vudu V
Pluto Tv PT
Midnight pulp MP
Asiancrush AC
Retrocrush RC
Prime Video PV
Hoopla H
Netflix N
Hulu Hu
HiDive Hi
Funimation F
Crunchryoll C

If you want a review of all of the sites to watch anime click here