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I know that I am not the only classic anime fan who has a difficult time navigating the new climate of anime.
1. Are the issues of the past still relevant today?
If so how?
2. What about the increasing number of anime released each season?
  • There are so many anime that come out that it’s almost impossible to watch them all.
  • Even worse anything not watched will just end up on a backlog that may never get looked at it.
  • As someone who has a backlog of over 300 anime trust me I know.
But this evolving climate of anime also affects new fans.
I mean with over 60 years of anime where does one even start?
To be honest, even I find it a little overwhelming.
I created MyMediaChops to solve this modern anime issues.

The Four Main Topics that I write about are:

Guren Mk 2

© 2006-2009 SUNRISE/ PROJECT GEASS. MBS Character Design © 2006-2009 CLAMP

Let’s Discuss

If you watched the anime I am discussing or have interest in doing so these discussions are for you.
I focus on elements or themes of an anime worth going further into rather than the narrative.
Some of these are academic while others are more of a discussion that you would have with some friends.
While I could write about anime I like for days This blog is for you.
So let me know what anime you want me to discuss.

Join The Discussion

Fullmetal Panic! Two mechs in battle

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Get The Rundown

Anime reviews can sometimes go on too long and lose their purpose altogether.
This purpose is to help the reader decide if this is something worth checking out.
Brevity is the Soul of Wit Polonius from Hamlet
This famous quote from Polonius and is the nature of my reviews.
My reviews are short to the point and will give you all the information to make an informed decision.
The kind of reviews include:
  • arcs,
  • seasons,
  • and even episodes.
I am also open to suggestions so let me know if there other things that you want me to review.
My goal is to write 100 reviews by the end of the year.
Start Here
Kaneki and Touka

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Checkout My Lists

Lists have the best of both worlds combining quick information with detailed analysis.
I write my lists to help users consume certain information that couldn’t work in another form.
My goal is too not to write clickbait but rather click-worthy lists.
So expect lists to have substance and not just written to get you to come to my site.
Become Smarter
Rukia and Icho

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc. TV Tokyo dentsu, Pierrot

Anime 101

With anime fans especially newer fans there are many questions about anime.
Even after all these years, there are still no definitive answers.
I have decided to put my name in the hat and offer my perspectives on many anime FAQs.
But I calling this anime 101 since most of my articles are for beginners (but veterans may find them helpful and insightful).
I hope people trying to get their friends into anime use my articles to answer their questions.
Begin Your Training

What Got Me Started on this Journey?