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Lelouch addressing the Black Knights. Code Geass R2 Episode 5 at 2m 40s

Lelouch addressing the Black Knights. Code Geass R2 Episode 5 at 2m 40s

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After the cliff hanger ending of Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 is R2 worth watching? In this review, I will answer that question and more.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2’s Details

  • Number of episodes: 25

  • Genre: Mecha, Seinen, Sci-fi, Military, Drama

  • Hidden Gem, Popular, or Lesser-Known: Popular

  • Dubbed or Subbed: Both versions are available. I prefer the English Dub for Johnny Yung Bosch’s portrayal of Lelouch

  • Modern or Classic: Classic.

  • Aired: Apr 6, 2008 to Sep 28, 2008

  • Production Information:

    • Directed by Taniguchi, Gorou He is famous for his directing: the majority of the Code Geass Movies and OVAs, Gun x Sword, Maria the Virgin Witch, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Planetes
    • Created by Sunrise which is famous for Gintama’, Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam, InuYasha (TV), The Big O, The Vision of Escaflowne
  • Where You Can Watch: Hulu, Netflix, Funimation

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2’s Major Themes


Social Darwinism

Man Vs Man

Deception and Lies


Imperialism| Social Darwinism | Man vs Man | Deception and Lies|Redemption


When people talk about Code Geass its biggest praise comes from the ending of the series.

In fact, the ending is even considered to be one of the greatest in anime history.

Now today’s article is not about the ending rather a brief review of the sequel to this epic anime.

Expect spoilers from episode 1 of R2 and plot elements of R1.

So read my review on R1 and watch the series’ first before reading this.

Brief Synopsis

R2 takes place one year after the failed Black Rebellion where Lelouch abandoned the Black Knights to save Nunally.

We left off R1 where Lelouch and Suzaku had their epic face-off.

Instead of immediately showing us the conclusion, Lelouch is first shown acting like a normal high school student at Ashford Academy.

Obviously, things start to seem wrong when we are introduced to Rolo Lelouch’s “brother”.

As we know Lelouch only has one sibling and that’s Nunnally.

Things take an interesting turn when Lelouch goes to a casino with Rolo.

It’s There he meets Kallen but does not recolonizes her. It’s here we learn that Lelouch’s memories are gone.

We are not sure exactly why at this point.

A major noble threatens Kallen who is working undercover in this casino. Lelouch challenges him to a game of chess and despite winning the noble blames Lelouch.

Before things go crazy the Black Knights appear to rescue Lelouch.

C.C. leads the charge in Zero’s Burai. This leads up to an epic moment where Lelouch finds himself in the same circumstances that started R1.

Only this time he just needs to regain his memories and C.C. happens to be there to help him out.

After Lelouch regains his memories he continues what he started before the Black Rebellion

  1. The destruction of the Britannia Empire,
  2. Getting revenge for his mother’s killer,
  3. And creating a world where Nunnally can live in peace.

My Analysis

R2 in many ways borrows many elements from the R1 with raised stakes.

There is valid criticism that the series borrows too much and seems redundant. Even the first episode mirrors the first episode of R1.

But as the story’s progressives R2 does enough to stand on its own as the conclusion to this series.

One of my personal gripes with R2 is the doubling down on the fan service.

It’s weird for me a 29-year-old man to watch an anime involving high school students (albeit between ages 17 – 18) thrown into ridiculous fanservice situations.

If this was an ecchi or a comedy it would get a pass. And fanservice as a concept in anime does not bother me it’s the execution that does.

But a lot of anime have high school characters in lewd clothing. So, what makes Code Geass R2 different?

It’s the nature of it there are so many scenes where are you going to probably say “is that really necessary”

Besides that one major problem, I enjoyed R2 but not as much as R1.

Everything from conflicts, battles, even the scale of everything is much grander in R2.

If you watched R1 and that cliff hanger then definitely give R2 a watch. It takes what the original did and improves on mostly for the better.

Even after re-watching the series all these years later I still enjoy and have found very anime that can compete with it.

Common Answers to Important Questions about Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

The art style is exactly the same as R1.
If you want anime with a similar style, I would suggest looking at other Mecha anime from Sunrise
If you loved the action in R1 then you will love it here.

Everything is ramped on a completely different level.

There are epic battles in this series that rival and even surpass the Black Rebellion.

Anime that are similar to this one is Mobile Suit Gundam and Eureka Seven

The sequel mirrors R1 in this regard.

You get hints of stuff but the romance in the anime takes a back seat to the major plot elements occurring.

If you do pay attention you will notice some hints from time to time.

I do wish the anime paid more attention to the romance elements of the anime.

Just like the action, the fanservice is ramped up as well. The series finds even more ways to get Kallen’s breast uncovered as much as possible.

But they do not stop with Kallen other female characters join in the fun.

Does it ruin the show? No.

It is annoying and unnecessary? Yes

Much like R2 if you can ignore or at least tolerate you should have no issues watching R2.

Exactly the same as R1. You get even more scenes of Lelouch having philosophical discussions with his enemies and revealing his strategies.
R2 is the conclusion of this anime and thus all of the major paths and reveals happen in this series.

With this in mind, you may have to re-watch certain parts to fully understand what just happened.

I don’t consider this a problem because R2 assumes you are up to speed on everything.

There is nothing wrong with building off what we know in a story and take it to the next level.

Additionally, there are many moving parts in this story so naturally, it is unreasonable that some parts may not make sense initially.

Yes, but due to the heavy emotional elements, this is one anime that I take a significant amount of time between each time I revisit the series.

R2 is an excellent conclusion to this epic anime.

While some aspects are not perfect and may upset people, it does not change the overall quality of the anime.

It is not an understatement to state that this anime change my life. I have watched over 180 anime and very few have left a similar impact on me.

I am obviously not alone, the fan base is stronger than ever and we got new films made in the last three years.

There is a cleary an undying love of this series and it’s obvious why.

Code Geass as a series will always be one of my favorite animes and R2 serves as an excellent conclusion to the series.

An example of the increase use of fan service with Kallen. Code Geass R2 Episode 3 at 12m 45s

An example of the increase use of fan service with Kallen. Code Geass R2 Episode 3 at 12m 45s

© SUNRISE/PROJECT GEASS Licensed by SUNRISE to Funimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Character Design ©2006 CLAMP · ST

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